The fall-wet weather is just about upon us and for those people who suffer from chronic joint pain, they can often detect when this wet weather is coming!

The root cause of joint pain can be due to several factors, including osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Juvenile Arthritis, multiple sclerosis, various neurologic diseases or previous broken bone injuries.

Chronic arthritic conditions can flare up at any time especially with any type of weight bearing activity that involves the knees and hips; elbows, shoulders and hands are also affected. But more than just the over use of these joints can create unwanted flare-ups—the arrival of inclement weather can also be the culprit!

So why does the weather affect the body's joints?

Simplistically put, our joints have sensory nerves called 'baro-receptors which respond to changes in the atmosphere—the barometric pressure drops, producing more moisture in the air, indicating that wet weather conditions are on its way.

This drop in barometric pressure affects the nerve receptors, as it affects the fluid pressure in one's body. People with arthritis typically have less cartilage, which reduce the amount of cushioning to protect the joints. Not only have several studies shown that the weather can affect joint pain, but The American Journal of Medicine in its May 2007 issue, also supported this theory.

And because arthritis is not a curable condition, but rather chronic in nature that needs to be managed, there are some things one can do to ease the pain and discomfort when flare-ups occur.

  1. Arthritic relief sprays and creams can help with inflammation—there are ingredients that target the inflamed tissue
  2. For those who are more relegated to a wheelchair, gel cushions can help to alleviate or reduce various pressure points
  3. The benefits of a high quality knee brace can not be underestimated with for those individual who suffer from arthritic knee pain
  4. Easy to open door handles will assist in reducing the pain and discomfort of trying to open up doors throughout the home
  5. People with arthritic neck pain may find relief with a soft support pillow that provides gentle support and comfortable positioning


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