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AFE148B CanDo Theraputty Exercise Putty 2 oz Blue Firm
AFE148B CanDo Theraputty Exercise Putty 2 oz Blue Firm

CanDo Theraputty Exercise Putty 2 oz

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Flexible therapeutic hand therapy putty ideal with progressive resistance for reducing stiffness and increasing range of motion finger exercises.
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The CanDo Theraputty Exercise Putty 2 oz resistive hand exercise material is designed to help users develop hand muscle strength, range of motion, and improve endurance. This therapeutic hand therapy putty comes in one of 5 color-coded progressive resistance 2 oz. size putty containers. Users with arthritis will find this exercise aid adaptive to their needs and existing strength level and flexibility of the hands.

CanDo Theraputty Exercise Putty 2 oz provides increased resistance levels for comfortably strengthening the fingers, hands, and wrists. Therapeutic exercise putty also provides benefits like increased blood flow for healing from arthritic symptoms, optimizing functional hand range of motion, improving fine motor skills, and even stress relief. For gently increasing range of motion or to reduce stiffness, use the softer putty. For developing a stronger grip, use firmer putty. Each color-coded putty is a different consistency ranging from extra soft yellow to firm blue for a variety of hand and finger exercises.

CanDo Theraputty is non-toxic, non-oily, bleed-proof, latex-free, and leaves no residue. The putty will not fragment, separate, stain, or stick to the skin. Users will find squeezing, stretching, twisting, pinching, pulling the therapy in different ways will meet a wide range of strengthening needs. Theraputty can be formed into various shapes, included in the manual, providing a balanced exercise program. Strengthening opposing muscles in the hand requires a delicate muscular balance. We recommend supervision by your therapist or doctor regarding repetitions and intensity of use and notification in case pain is experienced.

To care for Theraputty, avoid the use of lotion and wash hands before use to prevent soiling and to help maintain the resistance of the putty. Theraputty should be kept in the storage container when not being used. It should not be placed on rugs or fabrics for a prolonged period of time. Theraputty provides a continuously resistive hand exercise for the rehabilitation of carpal tunnel, tendon injuries, fractures and arthritis.

PDFTheraPutty Instructions for Assembly and Use

CanDo Theraputty Exercise Putty 2 oz Specifications:

  • Choose resistance: Tan XX-Soft, Yellow X-Soft, Red Soft, Green Medium, Blue Firm, Black X-Firm.
  • Material: Gluten, casein, and latex-free.
  • Made in: USA.
  • Includes: One 2 oz container.

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