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Ergo Sliding Transfer Bench
Ergo Sliding Transfer Bench

Ergo Sliding Transfer Bench

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Bathtub transfer bench with larger, contoured plastic seat and back, textured finish that slides to make transfers easier.
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The Ergo Sliding Transfer Bench by Eagle Health allows users to comfortably slide in and out of the bathtub with ease. Users with arthritis will find this adapted sliding bathtub bench eliminates scooting, lowers the risk of slips, falls, and skin tears.

The Ergo Sliding Transfer Bench has a large contoured plastic molded seat that glides on polished, high-strength aluminum tubes. This bench can be assembled to face either the right or the left (with the side panel with handlebar installed on either the right or left side of the bench). Sliding rings lock the seat at each end of the sliding rails for stability for transferring from sitting to standing. Made of durable lightweight aluminum that is rust proof, the sliding tub transfer bench does not require tools for assembly. The seat height is adjustable to fit the user and bathtub wall clearance. The base length measures 37 to 37.5 inches. This sliding seat tub transfer bench allows users to adapt the bathroom to fit their safety needs without the cost of a renovation. People with arthritis who have difficulty entering or exiting the tub will find the Ergo Sliding Transfer Bench helpful for increasing safety in the bathroom.

Non-returnable hygiene item.

Ergo Sliding Transfer Bench Specifications:

  • Seat measures: 17.75 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep.
  • Seat height: 18.5 - 22.25 inches.
  • Base width: 37 - 37.5 inches (From outside-leg tip to outside-leg tip).
  • Base depth: 18.5 - 19.75 inches.
  • Tub clearance: 14 - 18 inches.
  • Back height from floor: 32.5 - 36.25 inches.
  • Sliding distance: 15 inches.
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Model: Eagle Health 78811.
  • Available Accessories: 77651 - Extra Tall legs for 78-series Sliding Transfer Benches; adds up to 4 inches. 77653 - XX Tall Legs for 78-series Sliding Transfer Benches; adds up to 8 inches.

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