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Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapters : Package of 2
Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapters : Package of 2

Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapters : Package of 2

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The Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapters include a package of 2 lever handles that easily attach to an existing door knob. These universal door knob lever handles will fit all door knobs regardless of size or shape and on either side of interior or exterior doors. People with arthritis who have difficulty turning a standard round door knob will find these lever handles helpful.

The Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapters provide an easy way for users to open the door. Users can push down on the handle with the side of their hand, or push up on the handle with the back of their hand. The handles ideal for anyone who has arthritic hands, or for someone who simply wants the convenience of a lever door handle. The levers are easy to install without removing the knob or adjusting any of the existing hardware. There are no adhesives or metal grip mechanisms that will discolor or scratch the knob's surface. The Leveron Adapters allow full key access and are compliant with fire safety requirements.

These unique door knob turning aids are made of a special thermo-plastic and are designed with a unique fastening system. The high density, light weight, lever handles are very durable thermoplastic and unlike metal adapters, are warm to the touch, and will not peel or rust. The handles will not tarnish, clean easily, and are unaffected by industrial solvents. They are unaffected by extreme weather conditions from -100 degrees F to 250 degrees F, as well as the damaging effects of salt air.

Leveron Door Knob Lever Adapters Instructions

Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapters Specifications:

  • Measures: 2-5/8 inches diameter, 4 inch long handle.
  • Materials: Durable thermoplastic. Gaskets contain natural rubber latex.
  • Color: Almond.
  • Includes: Package of 2 handles, installation wrench.

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