For people with arthritis, joint pain and limited range of motion can make it very difficult if not impossible to put socks on. Assistive dressing devices, like sock aids, can help make putting on and taking off socks easier.

Sock Aids

For people with severely limiting arthritis, who have difficulty bending and reaching their feet, sock aids can allow them to independently put on their socks. Putting on and taking of socks during dressing can become challenging and frustrating for people with joint damage, pain, stiffness, and fatigue caused by arthritis. Sock aids is a piece of adaptive equipment, also referred to as an assistive device or arthritis aid, that allows people to put on their socks easily despite pain and physical limitations.
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Foam Handles provide a large diameter gripping surface for those with limited grasp due to arthritis.
Easy to use dressing aids helpful for putting on socks without bending
Extra wide design is ideal for people with swollen feet.
Helpful for putting on compression stockings for those who have trouble bending.
Simple and easy to remove socks without straining.
Makes it easier for people with arthritis to put on compression stockings
Easy to attach handle accessory for the Ezy As Compression Stocking Aid, helps users who have difficulty reaching their feet.
Flexible sock tool allows users to put socks on without bending over.
Heavy duty sock donning aids made especially for putting on those hard to apply compression stockings.
Helps put on socks with only one hand and less bending over.
Helps users slip on socks easily without having to bend over.
2 part sock aid kit aids in putting on and taking off socks
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