Arthritis is a degenerative condition that involves pain and inflammation of the joints. There is no diet that can definitively help arthritis, but there are some types of foods that may trigger joint pain. Here are six basic food types you should avoid:

#1 Fried Foods

Medical research suggests that cutting back consumption of fried and processed foods can cut down on joint inflammation. It also may help to restore your immune system. Try to reduce the friend and processed foods you eat. Also try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

#2 Grilled Foods

Foods that have been grilled at high temperatures contain advanced gylcation end product, or AGE. This is a toxin that your body will try to break down with cyktokines, which are inflammatory agents in the body. These may cause your arthritis to flare up.

#3 Sugar and Simple Carbohydrates

High levels of simple sugars in the diet also can increase AGEs in the body, and this can cause inflammation in the body. You should try to cut down on cady, processed foods, sodas, and foods with white flour.

#4 Dairy Products

Many dairy foods can increase arthritis pain due to the protein they contain. For some of us, this can irritate the joint tissues. Some people who have arthritis pain have started on a vegan diet, which avoids all animal products. This can result in less pain for some people.

Try to get most of your protein from tofu, beans, lentils, nut butters and spinach.

#5 Alcohol and Tobacco

These can cause many health problems, and some of them can cause joint pain. Those who smoke have a higher risk for getting rheumatoid arthritis. And people who drink are more likely to get gout.

Try to drink and smoke less, and get exercise and eat right.

#6 Corn Oil

Many common, American baked goods and snacks contain corn oil or oils with a lot of omega-6 fatty acid. These foods taste good but they often trigger inflammation.

Try to geat foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids instead - olive oil, nuts, flax seeds, pumkin seeds, and fatty fish, such as salmon.