The recovery time for most surgeries lasts anywhere from two to four months before things start working like usual again, and those months can be the longest months of your life if adapting just isn’t your thing. Adapting to a new life style whether it’s for a short period of time or a longer period can be difficult, but it’s done mostly through little tricks and items that can make a big difference.

Here’s a look at some commonly used items for post surgery patients.

    Reaching Aids - There are many aids to make reaching, bending, and stretching easier after surgeries. The Juvo Grabber Reaching Aid is one of the most common items used after surgery because it takes stress off of sore and weakened muscles by offering a 20 or 30 inch reach and an easily controlled grip for the handle.

    Positioning Aids - Sleep can be almost impossible to achieve after a rough surgery and getting comfortable feels like a chore. These positioning aids can help elevate, relieve pressure, and increase comfort in strained muscles.

    Grips and Adapters - A good portion of surgeries are done for people suffering with various Arthritis conditions. Hand surgery doesn’t seem so scary until everything is too stiff, out of place, or painful to move. Grips and Adapters can be used to lessen the burden by offering support and comfort to almost anything our hands can grab. They’re essential to recovery after hand surgery.

    Attachments for Crutches - The goal after most surgeries dealing with legs, hips, or feet is to get the patient walking again. Sometimes they might be using a wheelchair or a cane but lots of surgeries, both minor and major always send you home with your very own pair of crutches. Anyone who has ever had crutches knows they’re not fun and they can even be painful. These attachments can aid in the comfort of using crutches, making hobbling around a lot less frustrating.

    Hip Chairs - Hip Surgery isn’t quite as common as hand, leg, or shoulder surgery but it’s still up there as one of the most commonly done procedures to date. Unfortunately, there’s not many things that can make adjusting after hip surgery much easier. There is such a thing as a Hip Chair, however, and it’s built specifically to minimize hip movement. It aids in daily tasks such as bathing and eating by offering a stable and reliable system to make sure recovery goes as smooth as possible.

    There are thousands of products out there utilized specifically for post-surgery patients. Many people think that because their recovery time isn’t “that long” that they won't need these tricks, but even two weeks without our usual functions and habits can feel like a lifetime. It’s important to work those muscles again but it’s also important not to strain them even further. Walking and positioning aids can help tremendously with most surgeries. If you’re unsure if you should be using a certain product, consult with your doctor or physical therapist first, but don’t let your recovery time feel longer than it actually is.

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