Top Home Canning Projects, Jar Openers

Posted by Matt on 6/23/2015 to In the Kitchen

Whether you love pickles, jam or mayonnaise, chances are you're having to open quite a few jars if you like to eat at home. In fact, jars are coming back into style due to the resurgence of "canning" in recent years. Home canning, which involves packing certain fruits and vegetables in jars, preserves homemade food and produce and can be a healthy, green alternative to eating food from tin cans.

One thing about canning to remember is, you're going to need to open those jars at some point in the future. We're here to help! Let's take a look at our choice of the Top 3 home canned goods, along with three excellent jar openers you can use when you're ready to dig in and eat!

Pear preserves

Pear preserves are a favorite for many people, especially in the South. Once you've enjoyed some sweet, homemade pear preserves once, you'll never want to go back to eating store-bought grape jam again.

Maddagrip Opener
Maddagrip Opener

To open your jar of delicious preserves, use our Maddagrip Opener, which features a large diameter that fits onto most jar lids and offers extra leverage. Don't beat up that arthritic hand before breakfast. The Maddagrip Opener is soft and takes away the pain of opening those stubborn lids.

Tomato relish

The magic with tomato relish lies in it's versatility. Enjoy it on a bed of purple hull peas with your pork chop and greens for New Year's. Or savor it on a rich, plump salmon steak. Whatever food is in front of you, a good tomato relish is sure to make it taste even better!

Tenura Jar Gripper
Tenura Jar Gripper

The Tenura Jar Gripper is another comfortable jar opener for people with arthritis. The soft silicone material takes the pain out of opening your very own tomato relish creation!


This is one you might not think about very often, but home canned corn is extremely nice to have around. It's better than store-bought canned corn and healthier too. When it's time for a meal, just heat it in the microwave and you're ready to go. (Extra tip: Use the DuoGlide Paring Knife to easily cut the corn of the cob to prepare for canning.)

Dycem Non Slip Jar Opener
Dycem Non Slip Jar Opener

The Dycem Non Slip Jar Opener is yet another one of our handy jar openers and offers a soft, sure grip on everything from bottles to jars.

We hope you've enjoyed this look at great home canned foods and the daily living aids to make this home project easier and more stress-free. Share with friends!

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