Do you use a grip on pencils, pens and other office aids? If so, you may also benefit from eating utensils that feature a similar grip.

For people with hand pain due to arthritis, eating meals with traditional utensils is often not ideal. First of all, the thin, hard and cold handles of forks and spoons can exacerbate arthritis pain. The more that the individual with arthritis must exert strength to make a gripping motion, the more inflamed arthritic hand joints can sometimes become.

Furthermore, many forks, knives and spoons are made of heavy stainless steel. Therefore, eating utensils often represent the worst of both worlds for people with arthritis — they are small and hard to grip, but they are also heavy. This requires a significant amount of strength and maintaining the fingers and wrist in stress positions.

To remedy this needlessly difficult situation, we offer many different kinds of eating utensils that attack the problem on both fronts. All of the utensils you're about to see 1) have thicker handles to facilitate gripping and 2) are made of lightweight materials to take away hand stress.

Set of 3 Good Grips Utensils

The Set of 3 Good Grips Utensils features a rocker knife, a fork and a spoon. There are many features to these utensils that make things easier for people with arthritis. The handles are built up for superior gripping ability and comfort. Perhaps the most handy feature, however, is the bendable construction of the knife and spoon that allows you to bend the bowl or prongs at exactly the desired angle.

The shape of the rocker knife blade simply allows you to rock the knife back and forth to slice through food, reducing the amount of complicated hand motions you normally have to perform to cut your food.

KE-Classic Eating Utensils Set

The KE-Classic Eating Utensils Set is very similar to the Good Grips set in that it features thick handles and a bendable fork and spoon, and it has almost the same dimensions and weight. However, the handle is made of a different, slightly harder material and is of a white color.

Etac Lightweight Long Handle Utensils

Another option is the Etac Lightweight Long Handle Utensils. These also feature thicker handles for easy gripping with arthritis, however there are many differences that distinguish these utensils from the sets above.

The Etac Lightweight Long Handle Utensils are about two ounces lighter than the others, and they are also longer. The extra length of Etac Lightweight Long Handle Utensils is particularly helpful for people who experience hand and arm weakness and fatigue, which makes it difficult to raise food to the mouth.

Make eating with arthritis easier, less painful and generally more accessible today by picking the arthritis-friendly utensils that are ideal for your specific needs.

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