Scientific evidence is coming in that indicates that creams and lotions made from the flowering comfrey plant could ease both arthritis and muscle pain.

Several scientific studies show that comfrey may be effective for knee osteoarthritis, as well as for back pain and ankle sprains. Lotions that contain comfrey are usually amde from the plant's roots, stems and leaves. One of the studies showed that the comfrey plant 'probably' improves arthritis pain better than a placebo.

According to one professor who worked on one of the studies, comfrey seems to be particularly helpful for knee osteoarthritis. He noted that the evidence supporting comfrey is solid, especially for knee and ankle pain.

It should be noted that most of the research for these studies was paid for by Merck KGaA, which produces products that contain comfrey. Experts say that more independent research should be conducted on the comfrey plant to learn more about its potential benefits for arthritis pain.

As more research is done that shows its value, there should be more product available with this herb in the future.

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