Research, conducted in South Africa, is aimed at incorporating a new therapeutic modality in decreasing inflammation and pain by improving osteogenic bone formation in individuals with RA.

Whole body vibration (WBV) instigates bone loading through applied vibration. Participants are asked to stand on a vibrating platform for sixty second bouts with thirty second rest periods, repeat ten times and perform this activity two times a week for twelve weeks. WBV has reduced pain and fatigue in other rheumatic diseases while increasing muscle strength and is perceived to do the same for RA.

Researchers will study functional ability, general health, bone mineral density, habitual physical activity, disease activity, pain, fatigue, body composition and any acute inflammation at the onset of the study, the end and months after to determine the benefits.

The goal of the study is to elicit WBV's attempts to improve functional ability, attenuate bone loss, and improve habitual physical activity levels. If successful, this exercise program can hope to replace pharmaceutical interventions to increase physical activity and improve quality of life for those suffering from this disease.

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