A couple of weeks ago, we looked at our selection of very comfortable neck pillows. Today, we're going to look at some more pillows that can have you feeling more comfortable and sleeping better with your arthritis.

Think outside the box

For too long, we have thought too narrowly about pillows as simply square or rectangular objects. It's time to think outside the box, or the square that is, and consider the potential of differently shaped pillows. Pillows simply do not have to be square, and finding the right shape pillow for your situation can bring you surprisingly good results.

Sleep smarter with L-shaped pillow

For instance, our uniquely shaped Contour Side Sleeper L Pillow is great for those with arthritis or other conditions who have trouble finding a comfortable position while sleeping. The pillow is shaped like an L, which offers you a variety of lying positions.

Contour Side Sleeper L Pillow on back

Lie on your back while the Contour Side Sleeper L Pillow hugs your neck and shoulders, keeping you properly aligned to avoid those terrible neck pains in the morning.

Contour Side Sleeper L Pillow on side

Or use is to hug while lying on your side. The Contour Side Sleeper L Pillow works like two pillows in one. It supports your head while also providing necessary support for the arm and shoulder. Instead of letting your arm droop and cause shoulder problems, enjoy the comfort of this L-shaped 100 percent polyester fiber-fill pillow.

Contour Side Sleeper L Pillow between knees

The Contour Side Sleeper L Pillow can also be used in between the legs to prevent your knees from clashing and to keep your hips and joints aligned properly.

A pillow that's many pillows in one

Contour Wedge Flip Pillow

The Contour Wedge Flip Pillow is another differently shaped pillow and can be used in so many different ways, it might be the only pillow you ever needed, all in one. The Contour Wedge Flip Pillow consists of two wedge pillows connected together that can be flipped for lying on your back, stomach or side. Use it to prop your legs for increased circulation or to read or play video games while lying on your stomach.

As you can see in the video, there is almost no wrong way to use the Contour Wedge Flip Pillow, whether at work or at home. Sleep soundly or simply lounge around with this truly versatile pillow.

We hope you find the pillow that is right for your and will increase the quality of your rest and sleep. Share with your friends and like us on Facebook!