Over one million Americans have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which is a serious autoimmune disorder that can damage our joints. If you or someone you love has RA, please try some of these tips to manage your pain and symptoms:

#1 Protect Joints

If you have RA, always think about ways to protect your joints. If you are going to lift a heavy pot in the kitchen, try to slid it across the counter. If you are going to open a door, use your shoulder rather than your hand. Hold books in the palms of your hands, not with your fingers. Limiting the use of joints daily can manage your pain.

#2 Try Hot and Cold Treatments

Apply heat or cold with a hot/cold pack. This can soothe the pain in joints. Alternating hot and then cold packs can really provide relief, such as Soft Comfort Large Hot and Cold Pack:

Soft Comfort Large Hot and Cold Pack

#3 Eat More Omega-3

Studies show that people who have RA may benefit from fish oil supplements, or more fish containing omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil also benefits the heart, which is helpful for RA patients, as they often have higher risk of heart disease.

#4 Work Out More

Exercise boosts mood and energy, and also can reduce joint pain. We recommend that you try working out three times per week for 30 minutes (check with your physician first). Walking, biking, swimming and even light weight training can reduce pain.

#5 Consider Outside Help

Psychotherapy can be useful for people who have RA. People with this disease can suffer from depression. Cognitive behavior therapy can help you to see problems in how you think and act, and then provides solutions to change behavior. This can also be useful in managing RA pain.