June is Men's Health Month, a time to raise awareness about health issues that affect men. Many health organizations encourage men this month to take some basic steps to protect their health, such as exercising and maintaining a healthy weight. Also, men are encouraged not to smoke or drink excessive alcohol, because these habits can actually lead to significant health problems.

What problems can smoking lead to? There are the obvious answers, such as lung cancer and other forms of cancer. However, there is also a link between smoking and rheumatoid arthritis. According to an Everyday Health article, more men smoke than women, which places men at a higher risk of RA. Furthermore, men tend to get diagnosed more slowly than women, and many believe that this is because men attribute arthritis pain to other factors and are less likely to get medical help.

Basically, men avoid the doctor like the plague! Many of you guys out there certainly relate, but making a doctor's appointment is a wise decision if you've been experiencing symptoms of arthritis, like consistent inflammation and joint pain.

If you know a man with arthritis, we offer several products that will make life easier and help men get back to their work and their usual routine.

Manly DIY projects made more comfortable

One of our favorite do-it-yourself aids is the Gripeeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap. First of all, it is a waterproof glove made of leather and neoprene with triple lined cotton on the inside, all of which keeps your hand warm, dry and safe during manly projects, such as home improvements or car repairs. Protection from the cold and rain is important for avoiding arthritis symptoms and flares.

On top of all this, the Gripeeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap features an over-the-hand strap that keeps the fingers gripped onto tools. This greatly reduces the strength exertion required, which in turn reduces stress and arthritis symptoms. They can be bought for the right hand or left hand.

Office tasks made easy

Being able to do outdoor chores is important for many men, but physical labor isn't the only thing on the average man's to-do list. Men with arthritis may also experience stress in another area of daily living: the office. Whether it's the office at work or at home, men love to get work done.

The IMAK Smart Glove Wrist Support helps with office work, especially tasks involving a computer, keyboard and mouse. The wrist angles required are not only awkward but must be sustained for a long period of time. The IMAK Smart Glove Wrist Support sustains the wrist structurally as well as through ErgoBead padding, which helps to cushion the delegate wrist joints even further.

This Men's Health Month, take arthritis into your own hands with these specially adapted gloves.

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