With Summer being right around the corner, it's our mission to bring awareness to those struggling with Arthritis and wanting to keep up with their gardening this year. Luckily, we have plenty of tips and tools to help your garden thrive during this Summer.

Managing Arthritis

The key to a well maintained garden is persistence and routine, with some love and care of course. However, before you start to care for your garden it's important to first take care of yourself. Between planting flower beds, raking soil, and maintaining a beautiful garden, it can take hours each day to reach that perfection that most gardeners strive for. Yet, an hour into your routine you might notice your Arthritis flaring up and sometimes it's impossible to control. Here are some tips to prepare you for a long day of working with your hands.

Keep Hydrated

We all know the importance of water, especially during this hot weather, but water can do a lot more for us than we realize. Water can help reduce swelling in our bodies but where it counts most is in our hands and feet and unfortunately that's where Arthritis flares up the most. Drink plenty of water to not only keep your energy flowing, but your hands from gaining inflammation.

Limit Bending

While Arthritis is most commonly found in hands and feet, it also affects your joints; knees and back pain are also common symptoms. To minimize strenuous activity try using a Garden Caddy that allows you to work at waist level without stressing your muscles or joints.

Use Appropriate Tools

There are thousands of gardening tools out there today but not all of them cater to those with joint pain. You don't have to buy a whole new tool set, don't worry, we can help with reducing your pain without all the cost. Easi-Grip handles can help aid those with Arthritis with its ergonomic grip. It's easy to use by slipping it on over the handles of your tools, it's compatible with most rakes, hoes, brooms, and much more.

Protect Your Joints

Use kneepads. It's that simple, really. Lots of gardening work requires us to be on our hands and knees, we're working with the earth, after all. While working at waist level limits the pain in your back or shoulders, it doesn't do much for the stress on your knees. So when it's time to get down into that soil, kneepads are the best source of support for aching knees.

Don't Get Discouraged

Sometimes Arthritis can make us feel like we don't have much control over our lives, but there are ways to relieve the stress that living with Arthritis can bring. There are ways to control this condition so you can live your life how you want to again. There will be good and bad days but it's important to remember that you can get through it and you can do something about it.

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