Living with Arthritis can make someone extremely adaptable, little changes in routines and how we handle things happen all the time, but we don’t always catch it. There might be days where nothing changes and there might be days when it’s time to consider investing in something to make life a little easier. That’s where we come in, of course. Below are some of our favorite items to keep around the house.

Easy Access

The key to make independent living easier for those with severe arthritis is to make things easily accessible or to have an alternative option for when they’re not. Something that most people have in their home is usually a television which comes with flimsy, small remotes that aren’t exactly easy to operate with arthritis. That’s why a look at our Big Button Universal Remotes are recommended and strongly advised, they can be collaborated with most televisions and offer large, easy to press buttons for easy use.

Sometimes cabinets are just too high and everyone knows a clutz that drops their keys twice a day. For someone with Arthritis that’s spread through most of their joints, the idea of bending down or reaching up multiple times a day is a painful one. That’s why reachers and grabbers are so popular these days, they can be as helpful as you want them to be. There are different styles of this product, but we promise that even the bare minimum will save you from those aches and pains. If gripping the reacher is an issue, try for something that has an arthritis friendly handle such as the Helping Hand Arthri Grip Pro Reacher, designed with an easy to squeeze trigger.

Comfort Solutions

While we’d argue that there’s nothing “good” that comes from Arthritis, it is also arguably one of the most adapting diseases out there. There’s a thousand different ways to make alterations on items in the house or even outside of it, it’s all based on preference. There’s options to customize your doorknobs by attaching the Enablers Door Knob Gripper by Apex. This uniquely designed product glows in the dark to make locating easy, while providing a good material to grip, making the doorknob slip resistant.

Another “universal” product is the Hand Key-Per Multi Purpose Household Opener, designed with the ability to be used on keys, soda, medicine bottles, and can even be used as an envelope opener.

Don’t let the little things remain difficult, you have the power to eliminate some of the stress and frustration that come from living with Arthritis, so use it. The Wright Stuff is here to make living independently a comfortable and safe experience.

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